Around the bend beyond the old stump

Discussion in 'Fishing Locations' started by olbriar, Jan 15, 2016.

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    Nobody is going to divulge their best fishing hole. :D I will say this, I always had good luck fishing the public land that is found up river from reservoirs. Particularly, the feeder creeks, are often public fishing and prove quite productive. Consult your state's public reservoirs for maps of the public areas and their accesses. You will be surprised how much water is available to the fisherman. Areas that allow a person to enjoy their time and catch some fish.

    An added note: These area border private land. I've always tried to observe those boundaries and be respectful of the nature at hand. The last thing I want to find is a McDonalds sack in my fishing hole.:(

    Anyone else have fishing hole suggestions?

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