Chicken Guts

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    As you know, I'm a cat fisherman at heart. I'm here to report the best catfish bait on the planet. I've tried this and that though the years and I'm satisfied I've found the best bait around. Shad sides work pretty good and so does a good stink bait. Worms are a everyday go to for they will catch about any fish. But, the very best bait for catfish is chicken entrails. They aren't all that readily available but if you can find a source... invest heavily.
    If they are fresh... they won't catch diddly. Leave a few good intestines in the sun for a while. They will eventually bloat and start to rot. Just step on them to squash the gas out of them and you now have the best catfish bait to be found. They will flair out in the water and leave a grease streak that cats can't ignore. Trust me.. no fat off of a jack rabbit or rotting chicken livers hold a candle to the power of the chicken gut.

    Just a note... I have caught large flathead that had chicken bones in their gullet when cleaned. Don't ask me how... I just don't know.

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