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Discussion in 'Saltwater Fishing' started by Mornight, Jul 15, 2013.

  1. Mornight

    Mornight New Member

    OK, I'm planning a trip and will have some free time, so figured I'd go fishing. The problem is I don't have any suitable rods. I'm quite sure they are different than normal rods. What are the be brands? Any links to online stores? Any tips for a new comer?
  2. Earlybird

    Earlybird New Member

    There are a few different brands that are good for ocean rods. Penn is the default but Shimano and Daiwa make quality rods too. After that it just depends on what you want to fish for. If you are looking to just do surf fishing you probably only need 15-20 lb test but if you are doing off shore you would definitely need a heavier test depending on what you are fishing for.
  3. phases

    phases Administrator

    I misread the title for this at a glance as "finding rods in the ocean" and was like wow, that's one heck of an extreme sport.
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  4. olbriar

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    I've caught/snagged some weird stuff but never another rod. I've tried to snag a friends rod once but finally gave up. ...and I'm talking a river, not an ocean.

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