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    I thought we needed a place to share our latest fishing outing so here it is. So get your stories on.
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    Last evening the wife and I slipped away to our cabin for some fishing. The river is down big time since we haven't received any of our spring rains yet. We both had to work today but.. we needed some fishing time. It was a spur of the moment decision to run down there so we just grabbed some worms and got after it. I fished the bottom for cats while my wife let her bait drift. I got a lot of little nibbles and managed to catch two little channels. Both of them were around twelve inches. Fun to catch and release size. My wife caught a couple of white bass. Both were nice.. I'd guess around two pounds. We had fun that's the most important thing. The weather was nice and the mosquitoes aren't out yet. It was a relaxing night on the river.
    We called it a night around one AM. If I had some serious bait I would have been very tempted to fish on. As it was we got to bed fairly early, got up early, fixed a big breakfast and broke camp. I can't wait for the next time.

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