Jon Boat Towing Woes

Discussion in 'Boating Discussion & News' started by olbriar, Jan 21, 2016.

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    Who needs a trailer, right? We always just put our boat in the back of a pickup truck and headed out... no problem. Naturally we'd tie the bow rope to the front of the bed first but yea, that was our traditional method of hauling the boat to and from the water. One night, after setting lines, we tied the boat in and headed for the cabin. There were a lot of miles between the fishing hole and the cabin and we were flying across those graveled country roads. We were hoping to get back in time to keep the wives happy. Much to our dismay, when we got back we discovered the aft of our jon boat was gone. Somehow we did not have it pulled up into the pickup bed tight enough and it had partly slid out. I guess we sanded the stern to the first bench seat off as we traveled those rough roads. It was the damnedest thing I've ever seen. Rub right off it was. It found a permanent home leaning against a tree and made a great conversation piece.:eek:

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