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Discussion in 'Fishing Rods & Reels' started by olbriar, Feb 25, 2016.

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    Today I bought some new gear. I plan on fishing it this weekend so a full report is coming. Last time I fished I had a bit of a problem with my Penn 930. It's old and owes me nothing but I don't think it needs anything but a good cleaning and a lube job.
    With that in mind, I had the only excuse I needed to invest in a new rig. Fishing the river at the cabin is yielding smaller cats.. 3-7 pounds. With that in mind I wanted a lighter quicker rig than I normally fish.
    I am still all hung up on the baitcast reel and all excited about the new technology since I last shopped. After much looking and net research I went with a Diawa Tatula 100HS. It's a smaller baitcaster boasting a 7.3;1 gear ratio and max drag of 13.2 pounds. Holds 150 yds of 12 lb or 100 yds of 16 lb. I filled it with my normal 17 pound trilene. I don't know why but that's my go to weight of line. ...fisherman's superstitions. :)
    Like seven twists in my knots... Can't say it's helped any but that's just the way with it. I put a few cast on it and think it's ready for the river. We'll see...
    I put the new Diawa on a 7'3" heavy Abu Garcia Vendetta Next Generation. It's a IntraCarbon rod with stainless eyes with zirconium inserts. I think the rod and reel will be perfect to snap the faces off of the smaller cats.
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    Well I was at my cabin all weekend but didn't do any fishing. It was in the mid seventies.. both temp and wind speed.:mad:
    My wife tried it a bit and caught a couple of white bass. I had friends down so I spent my time with them. Bummer.
    With a little luck, I'll try again next weekend.
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    I've had time to access the new rig. I have zero complaints on the reel. It's take up is a bit higher ratio than I'm accustomed to but I'll adapt. The cast is very smooth and I enjoy the spool release being over the line.. makes dragging the cast with the thumb a natural. The drag is smooth as glass. It's definitely a keeper. The rod is quick and I'm glad I went with the heavy action. I haven't caught anything over five pounds on it yet but ten pounds is going to work that rod big time. When the big cats start moving I'll be going back to my home built rod. It's much more rod and will make the big fish work instead of this old man. I made the rod years ago. It's a ten footer and was made from a twelve foot Brule blank.

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