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Discussion in 'Fishing Tackle & Storage' started by olbriar, Jan 19, 2016.

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    I'm looking to replace my worn out tackle box. I don't need a huge container. I fish the bottom so all I need is some assortment of quality hooks and weights. Needle nose pliers, knife, emergency light, fire source, spare reel, and a few other assorted goodies are always in tow as well. I'm so old school that I didn't even know bags were an option. Anyone have any experience with these bags? Are they worth a darn or should I stick to traditional box? For years I've used a small Plano plastic box that they don't even make anymore. Mine lasted fairly well but I wouldn't mind a bit more durability. Thanks in advance for any suggestion.
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    Well I looked at my options at Cabela's today. I scratch both a box and a bag off my list and went with a vest. I'm not into fly fishing but figured I could wear my light tackle down to the river from the cabin and have both hands free for rod and cooler or chair or whatever. I went with something cheap. When it wears out I'll buy another. It's light weight and mostly mesh material. The one I bought is made by Redington. Here is a pic.
    It sure isn't fancy but should do the trick. And for less than $40 it should do the job quite well.
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    I have got to say that I love this vest. I found some small plastic tackle organizers with snap closed lids. They are clear and I purchased them to put in those zip up pockets you see in the pic above. I have assorted sinkers in one box and assorted hooks in another. It's extremely handy and were dirt cheap. Place them in the vest and wear it to the water's edge... toss it off and get to serious fishing.

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